Museum Cabour

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Discover the captivating history of World War II and the Cold War at Museum Cabour in Adinkerke. This unique museum, housed in a historic building, offers an in-depth look at military and regional history.

What can you expect at Museum Cabour in Adinkerke?

Experience the Impact of History on the Modern World

Visit Museum Cabour in Adinkerke for an educational and immersive dive into the history of World War II and the Cold War.

Furthermore Museum Cabour is near the following sights: Plopsaland (±1,9 km), Bowl Inn De Panne (±2,0 km), Plopsaqua (±2,1 km), Nature reserve De Westhoek (±2,8 km) & De Westhoek (±3,3 km).

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Moeresteenweg 141, Adinkerke
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