Beach De Panne

The widest beach of Belgium, near the French border. One of the crowded beaches of the Belgian coast during the high season. It offers you the possibility for a nice walk or even a sail tour on the beach. De Panne is made up of sand beaches and beautiful dunes. It also forms perfect beach for families.

Beach De Panne

During the high season it is a beautiful beach where many surfers enjoy the wind. The widest North Sea beach with white sand and a beautiful hinterland. During low tide the beach is almost 500m wide and several kilometres long. The Panne is the summit of the Belgian coast, where North Sea, dunes and polders are combined. The very wide beach attracts many beach sailors, surfers and kite surfers.

Beach De Panne

The beaches will be cleaned everyday during the summer. Besides the rescue brigade will guard the beaches and warns when there is a dangerous current or wind; a pleasant and safe feeling.


A sunbath or a walk along the beach, playing fun or water sports. The very well maintained, white beaches of will offer you peace and quietness. Optimum facilities will tribute to the comfort and with that the holiday pleasure of the guests. It starts with accessible beach crossings and the lifeguards whom watch over the well being of the guests, with a First aid post nearby. Furthermore the local cafes, terraces and restaurants near the beach will take care of the needs for serving drinks, icecream, lunch and diner.

If the rescue stations are not open, a general swimming prohibition applies. This is clearly indicated with signs 'forbidden to bathe' and / or wind bags. On this page you can check where you can go for a safe splash in the water!

Beach De Panne

De Panne is proud of its widest beach without wave breakers. This makes it the biggest and safest ‘playground’ of Europe. The beach facilitates its guests with showers, toilets, beach tents, surf equipment rental, beach chairs and wind screens. Furthermore there is plenty of parking space.

Orientation poles


During the summer season, several orientation poles are located on the main beaches of De Panne. They are a landmark for children on the beach. Each beach orientation pole has a clearly different figure at the top. For children it is easier to make their own way back to the rest of the family, even on a beach full of people. Moreover, it is easier to bring a lost child back to the family.

Beach De Panne


On the beaches you will find flags and signs with instructions for swimming. It is wise to take account of these signals. They are there for you!

Flag Swimming allowed
Flag Swimming prohibited
Flag Dangerous sea; Floating Bodies prohibited
Flag Windsock = bathing prohibited!

Dogs at the beach

The beach is the ideal destination for many dogs to enjoy. A Frisbee, a stick or a ball can fetch give great pleasure. And what is more fun than making a beach walk with your dog? However, on various beaches are dogs, loose or on a leash, not allowed all year.

honden verbodenDogs are prohibited on the beaches of De Panne during the period 1 April till 1 October.
Outside of the above mentioned period are only leased dogs allowed on the beaches of De Panne.

Further, we also recommend reading the information board, with the local beach rules, which is often placed near every beach (entrance).

More information:

Nearest beach for dogs at De Panne

honden aangelijndLeashed dogs are allowed all year:
- from beach Canadezenplein in the direction Koksijde;
- from beach Leopold I Esplanade in the direction France.

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