Plunge into the wonderful water world of Plopsaqua! Are you ready for a brand new adventure with Vicky the Viking? Then come take a dive into the wonderful water world of Plopsaqua! Boat along through the breathtaking whitewater river in a magical snowy landscape, or discover a ...

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tel. +32 584 202 02
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Aquafun Oostduinkerke

Aquafun OostduinkerkeAquafun Oostduinkerke

The 2,000 sqm and completely renovated Aquafun is the ideal place if you want a break from salt water. In the wave pool you'll feel like you're in the sea. Afterwards you can speed down the Black Hole, a slide in the dark with light and sound effects. Admission to Aquafun is free every day of your ...

Polderstraat 158, Oostduinkerke
tel. +32 582 373 11
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Museum Cabour

The Cabour WW II & 2/4 Lancer museum illustrates the course of the Second World War in the area, according to 11 themes and some crucial moments such as Operation Dynamo, the siege of Dunkirk and the liberation. Another part of the museum is dedicated to the Second and Fourth Regiment of Lancers of ...

Moeresteenweg 141, Adinkerke
tel. +31 584 297 53
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Plopsaland De Panne is a vast theme park at the Belgian coast. Enjoy the thrills of some 40 attractions and the magical environment in which they’re set! Imagine you’re a brave knight and enter the Castle Zone to ...

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Statue King Leopold I

Statue King Leopold IStatue King Leopold I

De eerste koning van België kwam per boot van Engeland en kwam aan in Calais. Vanuit Calais werd hij met de koets naar De Panne gebracht, waarna hij in Veurne een maaltijd kreeg. Via Oostende, Brugge en ...

Zeedijk, De Panne
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Nature reserve De Westhoek

Nature reserve De WesthoekNature reserve De Westhoek

"The Nightingale" is the perfect location for a walk through one of the dunes on the west coast. At the desk you can find a lot of nature and area information. The interactive permanent exhibition introduces you to sea, beach and dunes and how the coastal region came about, the nature ...

Olmendreef 2, De Panne
tel. +32 584 221 51
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The Scharbiellie culture house

The Scharbiellie culture house has the permanent collection of Oceanic art of honory notory Paul Simpelaere (1906-2006) from De Panne. The municipality of De Panne got this unique and fascinating collection ...

Kasteelstraat 34, De Panne
tel. +32 584 297 53
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LAZEF Strandzeilen

LAZEF StrandzeilenLAZEF Strandzeilen

Beach sailing, whereby professionals can reach a speed of 125 km/h. You can try this yourself at beach sailing school in De Panne. Because of the 425 meter wide beach without wave breakers, the Panne is the perfect place to do ...

Dynastielaan 20, De Panne
tel. +32 584 157 47
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Abdijmuseum Ten Duinen 1138

Abdijmuseum Ten Duinen 1138Abdijmuseum Ten Duinen 1138

The abbey ‘Ter Duinen’ is surrounded by dunes and originated from a little church and hermitage anno 1107. In 1138 the ‘Cisterziënerorde’ community joined. This made Robrecht van Brugge the first priest. Ever since the influence of the abbey increased. The construction of the abbey was ...

Koninklijke Prinslaan 8, Koksijde
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Nationaal Visserijmuseum

Nationaal VisserijmuseumNationaal Visserijmuseum

In the National Fisheries Museum you stroll through the history of the Flemish sea and coastal fishing industry. Shore-based fishing and the story of horseback shrimp fishermen, a unique living tradition in Oostduinkerke, have their place ...

Pastoor Schmitzstraat 5, Oostduinkerke
tel. +32 585 124 68
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Crafts Museum Florishof

Crafts Museum Florishof

Florishof wants to colorfully emphasize the village-folk life of the last century. Around the chapel is an inn, the shops, the school, the fashion studio and the interior of the oldest, in its original state preserved, fishing house of the municipality.

Koksijdesteenweg 24, Oostduinkerke
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Museum Paul Delvaux

Museum Paul DelvauxMuseum Paul Delvaux

Away from the crowd you can find the heart of the coastal Flemish art. In the midst of the Sint Idesbald living area one can get an insight into the life of artist Paul Delvaux (1897-1994). The doubter eventually went along with the foundation and the museum. Nowadays we may count ourselves lucky ...

Paul Delvauxlaan 42, Sint-Idesbald
tel. +32 585 212 29
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Zeedijk 46, De Panne
tel. +32 584 121 46
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Fietsverhuur Arizona Xtra

Zeedijk 77, De Panne
tel. +32 584 116 92
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Speelplein Arizona

Witteberg - Vuurtorenplein, De Panne
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