Nature: the Westhoek


If you favour something more quiet, you can explore the Flemish Sahara. This name is given to the widespread dune areas at the Belgian coast. All in all De Panne is surrounded by four natural reserve areas, of which the natural reserve known as Reservaat de Westhoek counts 345 ha.


The rural nature of Reservaat de Westhoek shows you the origins and life of the biota near the coast. The reserve is made up of two dune areas which are separated from the sea by several sorts of plants. The 425 meter wide Sahara is situated in the middle. If you are lucky you can photograph yourself in a scenery of all but sand, as if you are standing in the middle of a African desert. You will find many animals on your way through this area: the ermine, marten, short eared owl, frog, salamander and rabbit.

Experience the wonderful nature in the midst of large dunes and trees; enjoy the warm sunbeams. Explore the dunes of the Westhoek (345 ha), the fossil dunes in Cabour or the connection of the Oosthoek dunes with the polders. De Nachtegaai is a nature protection centre, which forms the perfect end station for a hiking trip.